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Patient Testimonials

"Thanks for fixing my breast scar. I had a breast implant surgery by another surgeon four years ago and have had to get three scar revisions on the lower breast since then. Dr. Karamanoukian did surgery on the scar on my one breast and it looks even better than the other side. Thanks for your wonderful care." A.S. Los Angeles, CA
"After my first son, my breasts seemed like they had been through hell and back. I am so happy that I chose Dr. Karamanoukian for my breast lift. He is an excellent surgeon and a good listener. I am so happy with the results that I got from the surgery." J.S. Beverly Hills, California
"They're accommodating with appointments, clean, friendly, moderately priced (professional aesthetic center, you're paying for top quality service), and they have a female nurse who is on staff if you are in need of the lower regions being lasered off. What more can I say, I'm happy I've chosen this place for my journey to hairless bliss! Brianna, Los Angeles - on
"Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, I am very pleased and happy with the results of my nose surgery. You are certainly a gifted surgeon; but above all a remarkable and patient man. I truly thank you for what you did for me. Dr. Karamanoukian, On behalf of my mother and myself, I want to thank you so very much for going so beyond the call of duty. Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness. One word comes to mind when asked about Dr Raffy... 'AWESOME'." B.W. Placentia, California
"I have gone to the office a half-dozen times for laser hair removal and I am so happy that I chose the office to have the lasers done. They are fast, friendly, and make the process a breeze." M.L. Murrieta, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian. You will never know how very much you have changed my life. I was so concerned about the results of my breast surgery because I had never had good results with my previous surgeries. In some ways, I think that I put all of the stress on you because I trusted that you would fix the problems that I’ve developed from all of my previous surgeons. You have been so kind and generous with your time and your expertise. My breasts are looking so much better and I feel that with some time and some more surgery, I can finally regain that part of my life. Thank you for your patience and for your time. I have finally found a surgeon whom I can trust without exception." L.H. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian is a great doctor. Very understanding of what I need and even helpful beyond patient care. The office staff is very accommodating." V. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian is an excellent doctor. He discussed all of my options for breast implants during my first consultation and then offered me several more visits to discuss my surgery. He is funny and a pleasure to be acquainted with. Thank you for such natural results." Galin S. Studio City, California
"Thank you Dr. Karamanoukian for your wonderful attention and care. My scar looks great and I am so happy to get rid of that bothersome lipoma." E.B. North Hollywood, California
"Our pediatrician referred us to Dr. Karamanoukian for a birthmark on our son's face. Another surgeon had recommended surgery with general anesthesia but Dr. Karamanoukian performed a laser treatment and got rid of the birthmark with one treatment. That saved us a lot of worry and time. Dr. Karamanoukian was very attentive. Office staff was very helpful." R.S. Santa Monica, California
"I have known Dr. Karamanoukian since he was a doctor at the Kaiser Cosmetic clinic at Kaiser Downey. He used to do laser hair removal on me and I felt very comfortable with him there. I chose to do liposuction with him because I trusted him completely. My results were beyond my expectation. I had the VASER liposuction and my body looks great. I would recommend Dr. Karamanoukian for any type of plastic surgery." E.M. Downey, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian revised my C-section scar that I had after my first and second child. The scar was crooked and indented. After speaking to my doctor a few times, she suggested that I go and see a plastic surgeon to revise the scar. I am so glad I did. There are, apparently, so many options for scar revision and I am glad I had mine fixed." S.K. West Los Angeles, California
"Dr. K is one of the best. Although I prefer to keep my medical history private, I have to sing the praises of Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and his staff, who have been absolutely amazing. I was impressed not only with the results of my aesthetic procedure, but with the level of professionalism and courtesy that I experienced with the staff at Kare. After ten years (yes, a whole decade) of looking at myself in the mirror every single day and not liking what I was seeing, I finally decided I needed to do something about it. So when I looked for someone who could treat me, I wanted only the best. As much as I don't want this review to read like a commercial for the good doctor, I really can't say this any other way. I feel extremely positive about my decision to see Dr. Karamanoukian. I wish I had seen him ten years ago. The reason I put off seeking treatment was because I felt that the procedure that I wanted (and wanted desperately, too) was just out of my price range. However, Dr. Karamanoukian worked with my budget and made it possible for me to feel good about my physical appearance again. Not only am I ecstatic about the way I look but I physically feel more comfortable. I feel like my whole life has changed overnight and I owe my happiness all to Dr. Karamanoukian. What can I say--I love this guy! He's my hero and I highly suggest that you set up a consultation with him. Then you'll be on here gushing about how great he is! His Santa Monica office is a state-of-the-art, shiny-new facility near St. John's Hospital. And you can be confident that you'll be in good hands. Dr. K is a graduate of UCLA Medical School and is on the staff at St. John's. (I was surprised to find out how many mickey-mouse doctors and beauticians are out there performing a wide variety of aesthetic procedures while surgeons such as Dr. K are hard to find.) If you're thinking about getting some work done, see Dr. Karamanoukian. He is the best. Thank you so much, Dr. K. Mark" Mark, Los Angeles, California
"My skin looks so clear. Dr. Karamanoukian is so awesome!!" C.F. Santa Monica, California
"Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is the BEST - and this is what I think to myself every time I'm leaving his office. I have wanted to do hair removal on different areas of my body for awhile and began doing some research earlier this year. I called around to 7 or 8 laser centers in Santa Monica and spoke with receptionists who could not promptly give me an estimated quote for the areas of my body that I was interested in getting hair removal for OR no one answered the phone. When I called Dr. Raffy's office, I spoke to him myself. He gave me an estimate over the phone and then asked that I come in for a free consultation. I am half white and half Chinese - the hair on my head is auburn, my eyebrows dark brown and everywhere else a mixture of blond and brown (legs and arms). Upon meeting Dr. Raffy, he was very honest with me. The laser treatment would work effectively on some parts of my body, specifically my underarms and bikini area because the skin is lighter color and the hair darker. However, my leg hair might be more difficult to remove because of the blond coloring. His honest review instantly made me feel comfortable and I knew I would be in good hands. Following his initial review, I asked a series of questions which he answered patiently and knowledgeably. Before making a final decision (I'm extremely A-type personality), I went to numerous other laser centers for consultations. And let's just say, I was no where near as satisfied with these other places as I was with Dr. Raffy. The staff at these other places seemed all about the selling aspect and less about providing the best customized service. In short, I went back to Kare and booked my first appointment! One treatment later...I HAVE NOTICED SIGNIFICANT RESULTS! I shaved and no hair grew back for 1 week! In addition, I've had no negative responses such as swelling, redness or change in color pigmentation. Simply put - I am so happy with the results I've seen so far. In summary - Dr. Raffy : Extremely professional and personable, easy to talk to, honest and wants you to have the best treatment/results possible . Service: Friendly staff and very attentive. Will always call the day before to remind you of your appointment. Price: VERY reasonable. Decor and environment: Clean, well lit and elegant. The only negative is the parking situation. There is metered street parking (2 hours max) and the facility parking ($2 / 30 minutes). Bring plenty of quarters if you plan to park on the street and be prepared to pay up to $14 if you park in the garage. But this is all minor compared to the dollar amount you'll save by going to Dr. Karamanoukian and paying session by session (depending on your hair type, you may only need to go 3 or 4 times) as opposed to prepaying for 6 sessions that you actually may not need. Stay tuned for reports on results after session #2 ....!" F.F. Los Angeles, California - on
"I'm returning to report on Session #2 - All those skeptics out there (including my boyfriend who doesn't believe it will really work), well guess what? It does - it has! Now, I'm not saying that all the hair is gone but it's sparse and growing at snail speed. Dr. Karamanoukian has offered quick touch up sessions in between my regular visits at no cost to me but at this point, I wonder if I'll even need them. Happy as can be with my laser treatments!" F.F. Los Angeles, California - on
"If you're itching to do laser hair removal, this is definitely worth the drive to Santa Monica. I did laser hair removal on the bikini and armpits. Fab. It wasn't as much fun as munching on a PB&J sandwich, but, it was actually a lot less painful than waxing. I chose to go with the numbing medication before treatment which took about 20 minutes. It was nice to go to a comfortable physician's office rather than some cheesy hole-in-the-wall laser center. This place was superb. Really, really, pleasant environment with tasteful art, serene scene, and nice people. Very private and professional. I'm going to convince my boyfriend to go and get laser hair removal done. Ask to see the doctor. He gave me some helpful hints about skin care. The office is in the St. John's Medical Plaza in Santa Monica. Definitely ask them for the less painful laser for hair removal. Tell them Alana says Hi." Alana K. Los Angeles - on
"Dr. Karamanoukian did liposuction of my hips. I was so embarrassed by my hips forever until I talked to my husband about liposuction. I am so thankful that I did and I feel great after surgery. My hips look great and there was very little bruising and pain." L.S. Porter Ranch, California
"I first saw Dr. Karamanoukian's posting on the internet when he wrote about breast implant correction. I had breast implants five years ago and they never looked right since the beginning. One of the breasts were hard from the first month after surgery. I had Dr. Karamanoukian remove the implant and capsule and replace my implant. My breast looks great and I couldn't be happier with my breasts. Thank you Dr. Karamanoukian." A.D. Valencia, California
"Thank you for curing me of my skin cancer. I was initially so scared about the diagnosis, but you put me at ease and gave me great results at the end. Thank you with all my heart." Suzanne N. Northridge, California
"My son's pediatrician sent me to Dr. Karamanoukian to have his scar revised on his cheek. He was absolutely a great physician." Marianne, Culver City
"I saw Dr. Karamanoukian on the television show, The Doctors, and had surgery with him for my varicose veins. He is a brilliant surgeon and a compassionate doctor." Lisa J. Porter Ranch, California
"As a schoolteacher, I don’t have a lot of time or money to spare when it comes to my personal needs. Dr. Karamanoukian and Kelly were there for me when I chose surgery to correct my deviated septum and straighten my nose. Both of them were spot-on and recognized my anxiety and did everything they could to ease the pressure. I am happy with the results because it looks natural and I can return to school this fall without anyone pointing out the change. That’s just what I wanted." L.P. West Hollywood, California
"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, generosity, and amazing work. I would have bought you a pair of Gucci shoes, but please accept this gift as I think it would be easier if you picked something yourself." Anait and Kristina, Los Angeles, California
"I think that I have finally achieved the status of being a Westsider now that I have lived in Los Angeles for one year. I have myself a cool apartment in Brentwood and I have my own personal plastic surgeon who is the bomb! Dr. Karamanoukian was my first doctor here in Los Angeles and he helped me guide the transition from Michigan to Los Angeles. The results of my liposuction surgery were great. I could not ask for more. Dr. Karamanoukian is such a nice guy and so caring." S.C. Los Angeles, California
"I can't say enough about Dr. Karamanoukian. I've traveled to Chicago and New York for various procedures but have discovered (thanks to Yelp) I have the best in my own back yard. Dr. Karamanoukian has the personality and bedside manner to match his professional skills. He is a master with Botox, fillers and skin care but I am most grateful for the plastic surgery he has performed on me to correct years of mistakes made by other well known surgeons. He takes the time to build a relationship with his patients and earns their trust. He keeps me looking naturally young." Donna M. Santa Monica, California
"I found Dr. Karamanoukian on the internet after looking at some reviews of laser hair removal in Los Angeles. I wanted to go to a doctor rather than a nurse or aesthetician for all of my treatments. After I saw him in his clinic, I felt confident with his approach and now I have myself and my boyfriend going to him for laser hair removal. I feel comfortable with him because he is patient with the treatments, he is board certified, and he is associated with St. John's Hospital." Sonia R. Westwood, California
"I went to see Dr Karamanoukian because I had lost my lips. I never expected to find a doctor so gentle and kind. When you are his patient, he treats you like family. He noticed my legs and asked if my varicose veins were bothering me (yes). He removed my lumpy veins (very technical aren't I) and I am very happy with them (my legs) and am looking forward to many more procedures in the future! I LOVE Dr K!" Lynn W. Rancho Santa Marguerita, California
"I had my breast implants done twenty years ago and I have been literally walking around with capsular contracture for the last ten years. Dr. Karamanoukian reconstructed my breast implants and I feel like a woman again. Thank you very much for all the wonderful work and dedication you put into me." S.P. Burbank, California
"Dearest Dr. Raffy. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me and my family and friends. We are all extremely happy with your work and constantly sing your praises. You are the 'bomb.' You are an exceptional surgeon. Though more importantly, for me, you are a genuinely kind, warm, and caring person...and you make me laugh. Thank you." C.G. Los Angeles, California
"My son had a birthmark on his face that was diagnosed as a hemangioma. I was then given Dr. Karamanoukian's name by my pediatrician who recommended that I see him for a consultation. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised by his professionalism and care. Thank you for all the kind work." Jake and Belinda P. Encino, California
"I first met Dr. Raffy when I saw him at Dr. Obagi's clinic in Beverly Hills. My wife and I have continued to see him ever since he opened his office in Santa Monica. He is a 'brilliant doctor' and we see him every time we visit Los Angeles. With appreciation." Mr. and Mrs. A. A.H; Beirut, Lebanon
"Despues de mi embarazo me salieron manchas en la cara, pero fui una consulta con el Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian y el me receto las cremas de Obagi. Ahora ya no tengo manchas se me desaparecieron. Los resultados fueron exitosos, les recominedo a todos a que vayan a una consulta." Sandra O. Los Angeles, California
"I've thought about laser hair removal for a while and made two other clinic appointments before I met Dr. Karamanoukian in his Santa Monica office. I felt most comfortable that a physician was performing the treatment and he just seemed more knowledgeable about laser hair removal than the nurses that I met at the two other places. The office did not seem overly eager to schedule the laser hair removal sessions but gave me some time to think about the treatments. Nevertheless, I did choose to do laser hair removal on my back and chest and am very pleased. I would recommend the place without reservation." Jonathon P. Beverlywood, California
"I first saw Dr. Karamanoukian for laser hair removal at Kaiser Hospital and have been a devoted patient of his ever since. I had a condition called pseudofolliculitis barbae which is actually quite common among African American men. I had shave bumps and ingrown hairs that scarred my face and left permanent marks on my neck. You don't hear about laser hair removal in men very often, but Dr. Karamanoukian began doing laser hair removal on my chin and neck and I have never felt so confident as I do now. He is a good man and an incredible and dedicated doctor." S. School Teacher, Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian. I would like to thank you for your exceptional work and your commitment to my care. You did a truly exceptional job on my rhinoplasty and my husband and I will always be thankful for your professionalism and your truly gifted hands.

"People think that it is a cliche to say that plastic surgery has changed my life, but it is the honest truth.

"I feel confident with my new nose, mostly because it feels like a natural extension of me and my face. After meeting you for the first time last year, I knew that you would be my surgeon because I had tremendous trust in you. I am thankful for that day and for your care. May God bless you." Joanne B. Encino, California
"One word comes to mind when asked about Dr Raffy... AWESOME. I am so happy with my lower eyelid surgery. Not only was his expertise for this procedure precise but his staff and his caring for my well-being was so nice. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to use his services. Thank you so much for being a wonderful doctor and even better person." Stephanie T. Culver City, California
"I injured my finger at work this past week and the emergency room referred me to Dr. Karamanoukian and I am so happy they did! His office is extremely clean and modern. (I am a bit of a germophobe and I felt completely comfortable in his office!) Dr. Karamanoukian has a wonderful, pleasant bedside manner, you can really trust him and tell that he cares about his patients. I went in for my finger but I now plan on having other work done because of the positive experience I had there. I highly recommend this doctor, A++!!" Gina L. Los Angeles, California
"My first consultation was at USC but after I spoke with Dr. Karamanoukian, I was convinced that he was the perfect surgeon for my keloid scar. He writes a lot of stuff on the internet and I actually found him by doing a search on google. I would recommend him highly." Hyunh K. San Gabriel, California
"I was referred to Dr. Karamanoukian by my family doctor for a melanoma on my back. Dr. Karamanoukian was quick to schedule a biopsy and once we proved the diagnosis of melanoma, I had additional surgery in his office in Santa Monica.

"Having lived in Los Angeles all my life, Dr. Karamanoukian gave me insightful information on the amount of sun damage I had and ways to prevent or diagnose skin cancers in the future. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Karamanoukian and have told my family doctor to refer more patients to him. If you have skin cancer of any type, do not hesitate to go to Dr. Karamanoukian." Leonard P. Malibu, California
"I've lived in Santa Monica all my life and basked in the sun for all 63 years. I never realized that I would ever get skin cancer but I eventually did last year. Dr. Raffy diagnosed a basal skin cell carcinoma on my left cheekbone while I was in the exam room with my wife. What a surprise for both of us. My wife came in for a chemical peel and the next thing we know, Dr. Raffy noticed the small scab on my face. My wife and I are indebted to him for his keen eye and his dedication to his patients. Thank you Dr. Raffy." Mr. and Mrs. S. Goldberg, Santa Monica, California
"In July, my dermatologist did a biopsy of my arm and discovered a first stage melanoma that she wanted removed. She sent me to Dr. Karamanoukian and he just gave me the comfort and reassurance that I needed. The office was very accomodating with me and gave me an appointment the same week so that I didn't have to wait. Dr. Karamanoukian saw me immediately and went over the pathological specimen report and had an immediate plan. He spent the time to discuss things with me but was very regimented and just took charge of the situation, which is what I really needed at the time. I'm six months out and am just grateful to him for his expertise and his compassion. He took charge of the situation and got the job done!" Jarl S. Venice, California
"Thank you for the excellent care in the emergency room. I felt relieved when you walked into the room and began to talk to me. You have a very soothing and calm demeanor that builds confidence and trust in your patients. Thanks for all of your help."
"My nose looks great. Thank you for doing such a great job." M.D. Burbank, California
"My decision to have surgery with Dr. Karamanoukian was on the mark. He is an exceptional person and an exceptional surgeon. My neck lift was uneventful and the results are superb."
"My tummy tuck results are great. I went back to work and got so many compliments! Thanks a bunch." Claudette P. Studio City, California
"The laser was amazing!! I can't thank you enough!" Patient, West Hollywood, California
"I have had three surgeries with Dr. Karamanoukian and I absolutely love him. He is a wonderful doctor with a caring manner. He is devoted to his patients and just an all around great person. We love him so much we even invited him to our son's bar mitzvah. I hope to stay young for a long time."
"Dr. Karamanoukian removed a large cyst on my cheek with a simple procedure in the office. The other surgeon that I had gone to recommended that I go under general anesthesia for a major surgery. I am now three months out of surgery and could not be happier. My cyst is gone and I have an invisible scar."
"I developed bad scarring on my breasts after a breast lift surgery ten years ago. For years, the breast scars dominated my confidence level and I am so happy that I had them revised. Dr. Karamanoukian has been so patient and helpful every step of the way. Thanks." C.D. Long Beach, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian. I want to truly thank you for the continued care you have given me over the last few years. I don’t know if you remember when I first came to your office, but it was many years ago when a nurse from Kaiser recommended that I visit you to undergo liposuction with you. You were so honest and so sincere in your approach to my problems and I always felt that you were one of the most honest surgeons that I have ever had a chance to have. My results with you have always been natural and you really understand my needs and not necessarily my whims for the moment. Thank you for being such an honest doctor. Have a wonderful holiday and I wish you and your family health and happiness." Tamara L. Los Angeles, California
"I have been going to Dr. Karamanoukian for laser hair removal ever since he was at the Kaiser Downey office. He is an overall nice guy with a lot of compassion and experience."
"Dr. Karamanoukian is a laser genius. So many doctors told me that there was nothing that I could ever do for my stretch marks. He was amazing with his confidence and the laser treatments really helped decrease how visible my stretch marks got." Laurice M. Los Angeles, California
"You have been an amazing discovery. Thank you for your patience and support."
"Thank you so much for your kind understanding and excellent work. My confidence level has soared."
"I am very happy with the results of my neck lipo. I thought that I needed a neck lift and so far I am so glad that I chose liposuction instead. My neck looks longer and more younger than it did when I was in my 20s." F.N. Los Angeles, California
"Several years ago, I had breast implant surgery in Chicago and from the start I had problems with my doctor. The implants just didn’t sit right in my right breast and then I gradually developed a hard breast. When I moved to Los Angeles to start a new career, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian for capsular contracture and he was attentive and knowledgeable from the minute I met him. We ended up doing a replacement of the breast implant with removing of the hard tissue and I finally feel like myself again. Dr. Karamanoukian is just a wonderful doctor with a good knowledge of how to treat patients with breast implant problems." A.L. Los Angeles, California
"I have had Botox injected into my elevens for years and needed more and more Botox to make the lines disappear. Dr. Karamanoukian suggested I have Dysport injected and I loved the results. Thanks Dr. K." M.B. Santa Monica, California
"May God give you the strength and vitality to continue your excellent approach to patient care. You have been so nice to our family and a true blessing for us. Thank you Dr. Karamanoukian." L.S. Hollywood, California
"Thank you for taking such good care of my skin. My skin looks great after the laser treatment." C.L. Marina del Rey, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian is a great plastic surgeon. I knew him when he was a doctor at Kaiser Hospital in Bellflower / Downey. My tummy tuck looks great and I feel confident to wear the clothes that I really want to wear. I feel sexy again." L.P. Long Beach, California
"I actually flew in to have breast implants with Dr. Karamanoukian after a friend told me about him. I knew he was the right plastic surgeon from the start. He is honest, knowledgeable, and gifted as a surgeon. I wouldn't let just anyone do my breast implants." S.L. Henderson, Nevada
"A doctor in Beverly Hills did my liposuction and I did not like the results of the surgery. I listened to my best friend and saw Dr. Karamanoukian, who arranged a quick revision surgery to fix all of the ripples on my thighs. I think Dr. Karamanoukian is wonderful." Y.B. Glendale, California
"Dr. K had great reviews on yelp and that doesn't happen very often. I was impressed with the overall quality of his care and professionalism. I have gone to other laser hair removal places in Santa Monica and have found them to be cheesy with people trying to sell you packages. The first visit was calm and Dr. Karamanoukian told me that he didn't believe in package deals for laser hair removal and that my decision was based on my discussion with him, rather than some salesman. I think he is honest and a great doctor. I would recommend him to anyone looking for laser hair removal on the westside." L.G. Santa Monica, California
"I don't know if there are many other surgeons who have done breast implants on a mother and daughter at the same time, but Dr. Karamanoukian did a great job with me and my mom. We both did breast implants and the results are excellent. He does a wonderful job." G.S. North Hollywood, California
"Dr. K. Your work is phenomenal. I appreciate all of the extra time and attention you gave me before and after surgery. I am so glad that I met you and will always sing your praises. Needless to say, my face looked great at my daughter's quinceanera." Maggie S. Glendale, California
"Dear Mike and Melissa. Thank you for your thoughtful phone call after my eyelid surgery. I am grateful that I found your office. All of you have taken such good care of me from the first phone call I made to the office until now. My eyes look great and I can't wait to see you all again. Please accept the chocolates as a gesture of my sincere thanks. See you soon." Poline E. Los Angeles, California
"Dear Dr. Karamanoukian. You are an answer to my prayers. Thank you for your kindness to me. I cannot thank you enough! You will never know what meeting you has meant to me. I never wanted to look in the mirror. I left your office, went home and kept looking in the mirror. Thanks so much!" J.M. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian was the first plastic surgeon I went to for my gynecomastia. I subsequently went to two other plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills for a second and third opinion and I found myself impressed most by Dr. Karamanoukian. He was genuine and gave me the time to ask all my questions and really took the time to explain the options for gynecomastia surgery. He was true to his word and I am impressed by the results so far." Bill R. Los Angeles, California
"I had plastic surgery done in Tijuana, Mexico and the results were devastating. My friend took me to see Dr. Karamanoukian and I felt relieved, almost like a weight had been lifted off of my back. He encouraged me to stop smoking and we performed corrective surgery to lift my breasts and replace my breast implants. Dr. Karamanoukian was sensitive to my concerns and brilliant in his treatment." Rebecca McC. North Hollywood, California
"The office is absolutely beautiful. Dr. Karamanoukian displays beautiful artwork and the whole environment is soothing to a patient. I had my laser hair removal done there initially because I live in Santa Monica and his office was very close to my house. I read the reviews for laser hair removal on and thought that I should give his office a try. He has five star ratings and it is very clear why he does. I would recommend his office without a doubt." Carol T. Santa Monica, California
"I was turned down by two laser hair removal clinics because I have a darker complexion. Once I saw Dr. K, he explained my options and he made me feel comfortable with the treatment plan from day one. He has done laser hair removal on hundreds of African Americans and reassured me that the risk of pigmentation were very low with the laser hair removal system in his office. I have already had several treatments and am just thrilled with the results. The hair on my chin is gone and the dark acne spots have all but disappeared. I would recommend him to anyone." S.G. Bellflower, California
"I have been a patient of Dr. Karamanoukian for the last four months and have undergone three laser hair removal treatments on my armpits and bikini area. I have been truly impressed by the office and the staff. Dr. Karamanoukian performed all the treatments himself with a female chaperone (assistant) and I felt confident and comfortable that an actual physician was treating me. At this point in my life, I want only an experienced physician to perform any treatments on my body. I would recommend his office to anyone. You will not be disappointed." Brianna D. Los Angeles, CA
"My experience on coming to Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian Laser Hair Removal Center has been very pleasant and helpful. I have received many compliments on my facial hair removal and its lasting effects. I have also received treatment for acne which was a great improvement. I enjoy coming to the center, there is never a long wait. I would refer and I also have referred him to family and friends. The cost is very reasonable for laser hair removal treatments. I am very pleased." T.W. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian was an absolute superstar when he corrected my cosmetic problem. I had a labiaplasty and liposuction on my stomach and he was very sensitive to my needs and my husband’s needs. I respect him very much for his overall demeanor and his surgical skill." A.J. Redlands, California
"My husband was interested in gynecomastia surgery and after doing my research on the internet, I came across some articles Dr. Karamanoukian had written on Dr. Karamanoukian was superb during the consultation and took the time to listen to me and my husband throughout. He was reasonably priced and offered Care Credit for the surgery." Lori S. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian was knowledgeable about ethnic skin and gave me a full program to get rid of hair on my face. I have suffered with too much hair since I was a teenager and other things I read always said that women with dark skin cannot do laser hair removal. Dr. Karamanoukian not only did laser on me, but my life hasn't been the same ever since. He is a genius." Jemine L. Los Angeles, California
"There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. Karamanoukian is the expert on Botox injections. I have been to several plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Santa Monica and the experience I have had here is absolutely spectacular. He is patient, understanding, and gentle with all treatments. I have had Botox injected into my wrinkles two times by him and have always asked him to use the smallest gauge needle there is. When I decide to have plastic surgery, he is definitely my doctor." Lorel L. Brentwood, CA
"Dr. K was my favorite physician at the Kaiser Cosmetic Clinic in Downey. He is an expert on laser hair removal for black skin. I recommend him totally." R. Los Angeles, California
"I would not let just anyone treat my keloid scar on my back. I have had it for ten years and researched several doctors before I chose Dr. Karamanoukian. Since I have black skin, I was not sure if I could be treated for my scars. I insisted on a board certified plastic surgeon and he exceeded all of my expectations. He treated my keloid scar with surgery and close follow up. Now the scar looks great." Jodi R. Monrovia, CA
"I went to Dr. Karamanoukian for neck lipo and I am really happy with my results to date. He used liposuction with ultrasound on my neck and jowls and it gave me the definition that I wanted. I am very happy with the results." S.L. Pacific Palisades, CA
"I booked an appointment with the doctor after reading several positive reviews of the office. I was not disappointed, especially since this was my first time doing laser hair removal. I saw the physician and was really impressed by the whole outfit. I actually referred a friend to him for breast augmentation. I would recommend the doctor and the office wholeheartedly." C.O. Los Angeles
"Mi experiencia con el Dr. Raffy fue maravillosa... mi cirugia fue algo que yo queria por mucho tiempo, y encontrar al doctor perfecto era muy importante para mi. En el Dr. Raffy encontre toda la informacion y profecionalismo y sobre todo a alguien que se preocupo por que yo me sintiera lo mejor posible como persona, y los resultados fueron mejor de lo que yo esperaba, me practico un aumento de busto y una abdominoplastia y gracias al dr. y su excelente trabajo cambio mi vida . Esta fue una decicion muy importante para mi pero el haber encontrado al dr. correcto marco toda la diferencia yo lo recomiendo 100% y estoy feliz con mis resultados." C.G. Simi Valley, CA
"If you are African-American and want laser hair removal, this is THE place to go. Dr. K is knowledgeable and friendly. He first saw me at Kaiser Downey cosmetic clinic and did laser hair removal on me. He treated my skin condition and me with respect and explained every single step to me clearly before booking me for any treatment. He has an office in Santa Monica and it is definitely worth the trip." Lori. Los Angeles
"Mi visita a la clinica del Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian fue exelente, me hice liposuccion y aumento de ceno y los resultados fueron exelentes. El Dr. Karamanoukian es mi cirugano plastico favorito." Norma A. Culver City, California
"Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian. Sorry this took so long to thank you for my consultation, but Thank You! You made me feel comfortable and realize a few things. In all, I have referred a few people to you. One is for breast augmentation. She works [with me]." V. Los Angeles
"Although laser hair removal is not as severe a procedure as surgery, I was still a little intimidated by the whole process. Dr. Karamanoukian made my laser hair removal sessions a breeze. He was funny, not intimidating, and overall a great physician. I hate to say it, but I actually enjoy my laser hair removal sessions." Brad R. Brentwood, California
"Dr. Raffy. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me last month. The obagi blue peel did wonders for my skin and gave me the confidence that I needed. I am very grateful to you and your staff for the attention and for putting up with all my questions. Now if I can only convince my husband to let me do that tummy tuck I've always wanted." Paula, Marina Del Rey, California
"It seems like my whole family goes to Dr. Karamanoukian for one reason or another. Dr. Karamanoukian took care of a skin cancer on my mother, Botox on my husband, an abdominoplasty on me, and took off a mole off of our daughter. He is an extraordinary physician and a wonderful family friend. Thank you for taking such good care of us." Sara T. Pacific Palisades, CA
"I went to two other places in Glendale and Pasadena for my laser hair removal and did not see any difference. I started seeing results after just two treatments with Dr. Karamanoukian. It was nice that a doctor was actually doing the laser hair removal rather than a nurse or aesthetician. I recommend him with all my heart. Thank you." Anahit P. Glendale, CA
"Dear Dr. Raffy. I would like to express my sincere appreciation, not only for the beautiful skillful work you do, but also for your generosity. I am very grateful to you. So please accept my small token of appreciation by using the enclosed gift card. I am very pleased. Keep up the good work Raffy, cause like the card says...'You are the best!' Thank you. With heartfelt appreciation." R.B. Los Angeles, CA
"My daughter recommended that I see Dr. Karamanoukian for my neck lift and facelift. I scheduled my first surgery with him the day that I met him because he was an honest and committed surgeon. I had all the faith in his surgical skills and I am glad I did. My facelift looks great and I am more than happy that I did the surgery. Dr. Karamanoukian is the best." F.J. Los Angeles, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian revised my keloid scar. I travelled all of the way to his office from Riverside three times for the consultation but I am glad that I did. I had a keloid scar on my ear that has been there for at least three years. It is now six months and I haven't had any recurrence." Shawna R. UC Riverside
"Several years ago, I met Dr. Karamanoukian when he was on faculty at Kaiser Bellflower Department of Dermatology. He performed laser hair removal on me and I felt that he was a very sincere, honest, and professional physician. I have since finished my laser hair removal treatments but continue to go to Dr. Karamanoukian for his expertise in cosmetic surgery." T. Downey, CA
"This is the best place for laser hair removal. I had three laser hair removal treatments done on my bikini area and I am extremely happy with the results. The doctor was great and took the time to explain it all to me. An absolute recommendation." Chryssy P. Nurse, St. John's Hospital Santa Monica
"I am really happy with the care that I received with Dr. Karamanoukian. I had several surgeries done last year and my breasts and stomach look great. My breast implants are natural and my tummy tuck scars are barely noticeable." Brittney J. Pasadena, CA
"I researched Dr. K on and found that he was an expert on black skin and laser hair removal. I have since been to him three times and he got rid of the excessive hair on my face and neck. I would recommend him to anyone with African American skin and too much hair." Alicia B. Culver City, CA
"The liposuction results are just what I wanted. Thank you." B.E. Los Angeles, California
"My daughter was constantly teased at school for a mole on the top of her lip. I didn’t want her to get teased so I’m so glad we chose to have the mole removed. Dr. Karamanoukian was aware of her needs and our needs and the surgery was uneventful. We are extremely pleased with the results." M.W. Santa Monica, California
"The Hydrafacial treatment was great!" Diana, Los Angeles
"Dr. K. I loved the diamondtome microdermabrasion and peel you recommended. See you next time." Elena S. Los Angeles
"Everyone here was wonderful, especially Dr. K. and staff. Enjoyable experience everytime. This has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had in a medical office, from the receptionist to the doctor." Jasmine A. Glendale, CA
"We loved the doctor and the place is very clean and well organized. The receptionist was wonderful too." J.P. Los Angeles, CA
"I started the Obagi creams one year ago and have seen Dr. K in his Santa Monica office ever since. My skin looks great and my face pigmentation is completely resolved." Virginia del S. San Gabriel, California
"I cannot think of a more professional and smart doctor as Dr. Karamanoukian. I found him online while researching Botox and he had great credentials. I found him to be an extraordinary surgeon and physician. He is great with Botox injections and he got rid of all my wrinkles." Josefina K. Pasadena, CA
"Dear Dr. Karamanoukian, Hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve the very best life has to offer. You make so many people happy and change their lives. You sure did mine. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You’ll always be in my heart." N.J. Monrovia, CA
"I cannot tell you how much you changed my life. After my accident, I felt so embarrassed with my scar. You have given me back my confidence and helped me regain my womanhood. You are so great." L.D. Porter Ranch, California
"I went to high school and UCLA with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian. He was a genius student then and a brilliant plastic surgeon today. I'm too young for surgery now but he has done Botox on my forehead two times now with excellent results." Samantha L. Studio City, CA
"My doctor referred me to Dr. Karamanoukian for my skin. I had dark sun spots and blotchiness all over my face and hands. I would advise anyone to go to Dr. Karamanoukian. He is sincere and patient with all of his patients. My doctor says that he would not recommend anyone else but Dr. Karamanoukian." Sofia T. Los Angeles, CA
"I had my mole removed with Dr. Karamanoukian three weeks ago. The scar looks great and I am very pleased with my results. I would recommend Dr. Karamanoukian to anyone that asks." W.J. Los Angeles, California
"I have been a fan of Dr. Karamanoukian for two years. I first saw him at the Obagi clinic in Beverly Hills and then began to see him at his office in Santa Monica. He is a charming physician. I had Botox injections to the face done by Dr. Karamanoukian and am convinced that he is the best." C.T. Beverly Hills, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian, Thank you for your kindness and great work. My scar looks great." Eric E. Long Beach, CA
"Dear Doctor. My family can't believe how good my skin looks after two months of using the Obagi creams and the antioxidant chemical peels. I feel confident about myself and I just can't thank you enough for everything." Denise G. Santa Clarita, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian. Being diagnosed with pre-melanoma at age 29 was one of the scariest moments of my life. Thank you for being there and for taking care of me the way you did. I could not have done it without you. Love." Jana H. Woodland Hills, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian. I do appreciate everything you did. Thanks a million... My skin looks great." M.Y. Los Angeles, CA
"Greatest doctor in the building! My breast lift looks great." D.D. Medical Assistant, St. John’s Hospital. Santa Monica, CA
"We are delighted with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian and the dedicated work that he performed on our twelve year old son. We recommend his office wholeheartedly." Susan and Matthew S. Pacific Palisades, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian, You are the best Botox doctor ever!" Brucelle P. West Los Angeles, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian treated my gynecomastia with liposuction. He gave me confidence to go to the beach and wear T-shirts. Thank you for your great job!" Manuel T.D. North Hollywood, CA
"Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian rocks!" C.F. Los Angeles, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian. You are the Botox expert! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Neda B. Beverly Hills, CA
"Dr. Raffy is the only person in the world that I would trust to take care of my wife. His office goes out of their way to take care of every part of her care." S.D. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
"Thank you for always being there." M.M. Los Angeles
"I found out about laser hair removal at Kare Clinic on and I made an appointment after reading some positive reviews of the office. I cannot tell you how much was on target. I really liked everything about the office from the doctor to the treatment. I used to do bikini waxing in santa monica and I was just tired of the ingrown hairs. I am now hooked on laser hair removal on the bikini and probably am going to start on my legs and arms. If I can just laser away all the hair on my body, I'm set. I just don't have the time to shave my legs every other day in the shower or go waxing every month. If you are looking for a great, and I add, great doctor who does laser hair removal, go to Dr. Karamanoukian!"
"I made an appointment to see three laser hair removal centers in Santa Monica and Brentwood. After visiting Dr. Karamanoukian at Kare Skin Health Clinic, I felt very comfortable with his demeanor and overall explanation of laser hair removal. He took the time to explain how laser hair removal works on my body, he gave me a spot treatment on my first visit, and he did not seem overly pressuring when I asked about making an appointment. He and his staff allowed me time to consider my options and did not at all pressure me to make an appointment or commit to a series of treatments. I have already started the laser treatments on my armpits, bikini, and legs and I am so glad I did it. No more bikini waxing for me. The med spas in the area are no competition for Dr. Karamanoukian. He is an excellent physician with great social skills. He makes me feel at home every time I come in."
"Doctor Karamanoukian. I want to thank you for your outstanding work! I am so happy after my surgery. Batchig (Kisses). Batchig (Kisses)." Ani P. Glendale, CA
"My laser hair removal was great. Forget waxing and shaving. I'm hooked." Melissa Sc. North Hollywood, California
"My breast implants look great! Dr. Raffy gave me the options about silicone and saline breast implants and helped me make the right choice for my body." Samantha R. Chino, CA
"Two years ago, I had an accident and cut my upper lip and cheek on the windshield. I developed severe scarring on the lip and right cheek as a result and have been to several doctors to get it fixed. Dr. Karamanoukian diagnosed my scar as a hypertrophic scar rather than a keloid. He then began my scar treatment with several creams which lightened the scar. I still felt uncomfortable with my thickened scar, so we decided to proceed with scar revision. Now, my scar looks great and it is well hidden in my natural wrinkle folds."
"I was referred to Dr. Karamanoukian by my dermatologist for a suspicious mole on my nose. He was completely patient with me and took me through the whole process of biopsing the mole and ultimately taking it out. You can't even see the scar now. He is an amazing doctor and am glad I went to him."
"Dr. Raffy. Thank you so much for making A..... so happy with his look and that he can breathe so much better now!! Between us we fight over the mirrors in our house. HeeHee. You are a wonderful person and a terrific doctor!!" D. and A. R. Burbank, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian, we appreciate all you do for us and we love you. Thank you for taking care of us the way you do." G.C. Duarte, CA
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are the greatest. With much love and appreciation. May God bless you always." L.B. Orange County, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian, On behalf of my mother and myself, I want to thank you so very much for going so beyond the call of duty. Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness." E.N. Brentwood, CA
"Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, I am very pleased and happy with the results of my nose surgery. You are certainly a gifted surgeon; but above all a remarkable and patient man. I truly thank you for what you did for me." D.R. Los Angeles, CA
"Thank you for all your work. Great job."
"Dr. K. My legs feel great and my spider veins are much, much better. I had a lot less bruising when I used the Bruisekare pills on the left side vs. the right." L.S. San Gabriel, CA
"To the best doctor there is. "Happy Birthday to someone special" Love your friend and patient. Always." R.Z. Monrovia, CA
"Four years ago, I had silicone breast implants with another doctor and I was not happy with the results. Dr. Karamanoukian fixed the implants by replacing them with a larger set of implants. He is great and has always been supportive of my decision. Great job!" S.W. Santa Monica, CA
"Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian, I am very pleased and happy with the results of my nose surgery. You are certainly a gifted surgeon; but above all a remarkable and patient man. I truly thank you for what you did for me." H. Saudi Arabia
"Thanks for taking care of my spider veins. Dr. Karamanoukian is the best." Cassy P. Los Angeles, CA
"Dr. Karamanoukian is simply the best physician for laser hair removal in town." Alexi C. Los Angeles, CA
"Dearest Dr. Raffy, Mike, and Melissa. Thank you so much for all your kindness this past year."
"I am so happy with my lower eyelids . Not only was his expertise for this procedure precise but his staff and his caring for my well being was so nice. I will continue to recommend my friends and family to use his services. Thank you so much for being a wonderful doctor and even better person."
"My Botox looks great. Thank you Dr. Karamanoukian. Thank you for your patience"
"Dr. Karamanoukian, On behalf of my mother and myself, I want to thank you so very much for going so beyond the call of duty. Words cannot express my gratitude for your kindness. One word comes to mind when asked about Dr Raffy... 'AWESOME'."
Dr. Karamanoukian performed my breast implant surgery and they look so natural. I love them!!!
"The laser was amazing!! I can't thank you enough!"
"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have turned a difficult situation into a much more benign one. We appreciate your candor and your expertise. Both [of us] are grateful for the work you did on [our son]." Parents of C.B. Santa Monica, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian took care of me while I was at St. John's Hospital. He is an extraordinary physician and a meticulous surgeon. My scar looks great." S.F. Santa Monica, California
"Happy New Year. Thank you for the excellent care." A.N. Marina Del Rey, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian is a great doctor. I suffered from silicone lumps on my lips and he treated them with surgery. I am now able to function in a normal way around my friends and work." I.L. San Diego, California
"I have been dealing with a large lipoma on my back for years and I finally saw Dr. K. after doing a google search for a top plastic surgeon. He was kind, compassionate, and did a great job." J.M. Los Angeles, California
"I’ve had great results with my breast implant surgery. The results have kept me coming back for more things and I feel very comfortable with the whole office. Dr. Karamanoukian and the staff make you feel like you are part of their family." L.C. San Gabriel, California
"Thank you for doing a great job on my breast implants."
"My initial fear of seeing a surgeon for my hand cyst was quickly dissipated when I began talking to Dr. Karamanoukian. He is truly a caring surgeon." S.E. Los Angeles, California
"Thank you for the outstanding care."
"Thank you so much for your patience, caring, great skill, and finesse with me and my new 'body parts.' I am grateful for all you've done and continue to do for me. I am not sure I could ever repay you. You're a wonderful doctor." S.O. Los Angeles
"Dr. Karamanoukian is my second consult for breast lift surgery and I feel completely comfortable with Dr. Karamanoukian doing my surgery. The other surgeon recommended an inverted T scar while Dr. Karamanoukian recommended that I get a Lejour mastopexy instead." E.R. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian is a very caring plastic surgeon and lived up to all of my expectations. I underwent a breast lift and exchange of my breast implants two months ago and am very happy with the results."
"The laser is working great. I have been waiting forever to get this hair off my back."
"Thank you Dr. K for taking such good care of Turner. We all appreciate your help."
"Dr. Karamanoukian did an amazing job with my scars." G.B. Beverly Hills, California
"My daughter had a mole removed on her leg when she was ten years old and the scar looked really bad. Dr. Karamanoukian did a great job revising the scar with laser and surgery." E.L. Los Angeles, California
"Four years ago, my wife had a breast lift and implants that left horrible scars on both breasts. We approached Dr. K after a referral from our family friend and we loved his honest and direct approach the problem. He was thoughtful in his plan and did not rush us into surgery."
"Dr. Karamanoukian. Thanks for giving me my life back. That was such a horrible ordeal to deal with and your kindness and strength pulled me through."
"When I first came into the office, I was a little apprehensive about having another surgery. You calmed my fears, answered my questions, and always kept a pleasant demeanor even though I was nervous and afraid. I am so glad that I did the surgery and you have restored a part of me that I felt had been taken away years ago. My breasts look wonderful and I finally feel sexy about my body. Thank you. Thank you." Gloria L. Sherman Oaks, California
"I am so pleased with what you have done for me."
"Thank you for the excellent facial peel. My skin is peeling but I can see an amazing transformation as the skin below begins to appear."
"You are an amazing doctor and a blessing." S.O. Encino, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian. My nose looks great. Thank you for your excellent care of me and my family." K.W. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
"I like Dysport a lot better...a lot better. Its amazing. It spread a lot better and it got a lot better faster. I loved it." Paul M. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian, you are a one stop-shop for our family. From stitching up Kyle's chin to lipo on my stomach. You are simply the best!" Jan P. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian. Just wanted to let you know the Radiesse is looking good :). Thank you."
"My nose looks great. Thank you Dr. Karamanoukian for a wonderful job."
"My waist looks great and I am so thrilled with the results of the liposuction. Thank you."
"Thanks so much. You were great with her [baby girl] and you were just great!" R. Los Angeles, California
"You fixed my keloid and I am forever grateful. Thank you for your help."
"My girlfriend is in medical school and thankfully I have her to do my research. I was born with a family history of keloid scars and every time I have a cut or scrape on my body, I develop deep keloids that grow continuously. Being educated about medicine and the medical aspects of surgery, my girlfriend and I did all the necessary research and found that Dr. Karamanoukian was an expert in keloids. We went to his office together and he was very informative about keloids and scars. I am glad we chose to forego surgery in favor of injections and laser because the keloids all have gotten better. My girlfriend found him to be very supportive of her and he did not flinch at all the questions and advice she had for the treatments. All in all, I am very happy with the results." Mark N. USC
"Thank you for taking such good care of me."
"Thank you so much for everything today. It was 5 star treatment all the way. I am so lucky to have found you; it is like a miracle. You are an angel. I can immediately see how normal it looks." J. Los Angeles, CA
"The results [of my blepharoplasty] are so natural. Thank you." B.C. Los Angeles, CA
"I am very happy with the results so far. I feel normal again." R.R. Los Angeles, CA
"I am so happy that I chose Dr. Karamanoukian for my liposuction surgery last year. I am one year out of the surgery and I just feel so great about my body and my new look. A few years ago, I got divorced from my husband because I found out that he was cheating on me. When I confronted him about it, he blamed me for my looks and put all the blame on me. As you can imagine, that put a lot of strain on our relationship and on me in particular. He never saw me for who I was and never blamed his actions for what he did. After some time, I decided that enough was enough and although I tried dieting for a while, I could not lose the weight around my hips and thighs. I tried everything and to cut to the chase, I eventually considered liposuction with Dr. Karamanoukian. It seems as though I was trapped in the body that I had and after I had the surgery I felt so liberated. My physiq is back to myself and I finally look and feel sexy about my body. I realized that I was a victim of my husband, but the liposuction really brought out my youth and my energy. I feel great about myself and I just thank Dr. Karamanoukian over and over again for being so kind and so understanding when I really needed that. He understood what I needed, helped me focus on a few trouble areas, and the rest I did after the liposuction. I am grateful to him for his skill and kindness." M.A. Los Angeles, California
"You were great. Your office staff were great. Your anesthesiologist was great." M. R. Los Angeles, California
"Thank you for the kindness that you showed to our family when my mother had her accident. You are a great physician and now a family friend." S.R. and Family, Los Angeles
"My breasts look so natural. Thank you for the very good care." Laura T. Sherman Oaks, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian was the only doctor who took care of my keloids on the ears. I have been so distraught about the keloid growing on my ear for five years and other doctors did nothing for me. They said that I couldn’t have surgery because of my skin color. Dr. Karamanoukian was so good at explaining everything and he helped me get the surgery that I needed." H.K. Watsonville, California
"Thank you for the wonderful care and expertise. My liposuction finally looks great and I am so glad that I listened to your advice about [liposuction] revision."
"Thank you and the staff for taking such great care of me. My breasts look great and I feel more confident about my body and image. You guys are simply the best." P.R. Sherman Oaks, California
"Thank you and the staff for taking such great care of me. My breasts look great and I feel more confident about my body and image. You guys are simply the best." P.R. Sherman Oaks, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian. You do great noses!" E.S. Los Angeles
"We are very appreciative of the tremendous pride that you put in your work. You have been a lifesaver for us and we do not know how to thank you enough. We are true believers in your talent and would trust you with the world. Thank you for being there for us when we needed you." Amy B. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian, You are a great doctor and I am so happy we have you to take care of our family." S.K. Los Angeles, California
"Dear Dr. Karamanoukian, firstly, I would like to thank you for the excellent care and thoughtful consideration I received from you and your staff. I am feeling better every day and I am so pleased with how the surgery went in every way. Your professionalism and personal approach are so impressive. Thank you again." S. Los Angeles, California
"Dr. Karamanoukian is an exceptional doctor and surgeon. I was referred to him by my doctor to fix the ruptured implants in my breasts and he far exceeded my expectations with my breast surgery."
"Dr. Karamanoukian is an exceptional doctor and surgeon. I was referred to him by my doctor to fix the ruptured implants in my breasts and he far exceeded my expectations with my breast surgery."
"Dr. Karamanoukian performed breast implants on me and my sister on the same day! We love our new look. We would both recommend him completely because he individualized our care and our different bodies. He is great." S and L. Whittier, Los Angeles
"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job!" E.V. Los Angeles, California
"My wife and I are so appreciative of the tremendous efforts you took to repair our child’s scar. We are so pleased with your caring and sensitivity to our demands and our needs. Thank you cannot express enough our appreciation." M.L. Pacific Palisades, CA
"Thanks. You were the only surgeon we trusted." A. Los Angeles, California
"Your staff was very attentive. Listened to my questions and provided a lot of information even before my appointment. I didn’t have to wait long for the visit and I got all of my questions answered. I would definitely use the office again if I have any other cosmetic issues." L.Y. Chino Hills, California
"All of my adult life I have been dealing with sweating from my armpits and shoulders. I have visited so many different doctors and no one had the solution. I was given tablets by one doctor, vitamins by another, and offered Botox shots for my armpit sweat. I didn’t even want to do the Botox because I am skittish with needles but I am so happy that I finally did the Miradry laser for my sweating. The procedure worked really well and Dr. Karamanoukian did not force me to schedule two treatments during the consultation. I am glad I stuck with one laser session because that is all that I needed. Dr. K was fair and knew what he was doing when it came to doing the procedure." P.R. Los Angeles, California