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Stretch Marks

As one of the most common cosmetic complaints, stretch marks affect almost everyone to some degree or another. For this reason, stretch mark treatment is one of the most popular forms of nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. At Dr. Karamanoukian’s office in Santa Monica, he delivers laser stretch mark treatment to help patients restore a smooth contour and consistent coloration of their skin. With his compassionate approach and unrelenting attention to detail, his patients are glowing with their results, calling it the best stretch mark removal Los Angeles has available. If you’re interested in stretch mark removal, it may be time to schedule a consultation. Please call our office today.

Stretch Mark Treatment

In treating stretch marks, Dr. Karamanoukian uses three separate lasers to cater to various aspects of stretch marks. Because the marks are unique to each individual, the first step is a thorough consultation to determine which treatment option is most suitable. During this time, patients are encouraged to ask any questions they like to gain a full understanding of stretch mark treatment.

  • The first laser used in stretch mark treatment targets the collagen that sits underneath the skin. It stimulates collagen growth, which thickens and tightens around the stretch mark, causing its appearance to reduce. Over a series of treatments, stretch marks can be completely eliminated.
  • The second laser is used to target the reddish color of stretch marks, reducing their appearance.
  • The third laser is used in laser resurfacing, called the SmartXide CO2 laser. Dr. Karamanoukian uses this laser to remove the outermost layers of skin, allowing a regrowth of new, healthy tissue. In this way, stretch marks can often be completely eliminated.

If you are interested in stretch mark treatment, your next step is an initial consultation with Dr. Karamanoukian. Please call our office to set an appointment.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are quite literally the result of the skin stretching too much or too rapidly. When the skin is stretched, the body’s natural healing process must fill in the gap. It does this with a form of scarring, which appears as stretch marks.

When stretch marks are new, they appear as red streaks on the skin. As the marks get older, their appearance becomes white and loose. As stretch marks progress in their appearance, they become more and more difficult to treat. For this reason, Dr. Karamanoukian encourages his patients to seek stretch mark treatment in Los Angeles during the early stages of stretch marks.

Expert, Safe and Clean Delivery of Stretch Mark Removal

For Los Angeles patients considering stretch mark removal, there are few offices more qualified than ours. Dr. Karamanoukian is double board certified, meaning he has proven talent and experience backing up each procedure he delivers. When it comes to delivering stretch mark removal, Dr. Karamanoukian’s office can uphold every medical standard to keep you looking and feeling your very best. First and foremost, this extends to the safety aspect of your procedure. Second, it extends to the cosmetic excellence of your stretch mark removal, ensuring that your results achieve everything agreed upon. With our caring, individualized approach, we deliver among the best stretch mark removal in Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Dr. Karamanoukian delivers stretch mark removal in a surgical suite that is fully licensed by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This accreditation comes only with the most stringent adherence to the codes set forth by the AAAHC. By maintaining these strict standards, our office performs stretch mark treatment to our patients, upholding every safety standard in the book.