Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Monica

Botox & Fillers

In the realm of cosmetic enhancement, the use of cosmetic injectables has become one of the most popular forms of non-invasive cosmetic improvement. It offers patients a way to get age-defying results with no surgical downtime and minimal discomfort. When used with taste and refinement, BOTOX and facial fillers have the ability to deliver a dramatic yet subtle improvement in a patient’s appearance. With Dr. Karamanoukian’s elegant and restrained approach, he doesn’t use cosmetic injectables to alter a person’s appearance—he uses them to bring out the very best of their natural beauty. If you're looking at receiving BOTOX or facial fillers in Santa Monica, read more or call our office today.

The Difference between Botox and Fillers

While BOTOX and facial fillers are both applied through a syringe with a very fine needle, they have two distinct functions in the quest for helping patients improve their appearance. Understanding these functions is crucial to determining which should be used for which purposes. Dr. Karamanoukian possesses a complete understanding of how BOTOX and facial fillers respectively interact with the face, allowing him to provide an accurate analysis of what will deliver the best results using facial fillers and BOTOX.


BOTOX is a muscle relaxer. When it is injected into the face, it partially paralyzes the muscles, preventing them from contracting and creating wrinkles. BOTOX has many different uses, but is primarily used in the forehead to prevent brow wrinkling.

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers do not create any chemical reaction within the face—they are used to provide volume underneath the skin. Through the aging process, the natural collagen layer begins to dissolve. Facial fillers replace this collagen, restoring youth and beauty.

Benefits of Botox

In the quest for cosmetic excellence, BOTOX is an effective procedure to help patients find relief from wrinkles and fine lines. With its high level of efficacy and cosmetic improvement, it has become practically synonymous with cosmetic rejuvenation, cosmetic dermatology and even plastic surgery, despite the fact that it is a non-surgical procedure. Patients can come into our office and leave less than an hour later, already enjoying the refreshing effects of BOTOX. With its pain-free, noninvasive application and results with no downtime, BOTOX offers innumerable advantages for patients looking for a touchup.

  • Benefits of Botox include:
  • Reduction or elimination of frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Reduction or elimination of wrinkles in the forehead
  • Reduction or elimination of crow’s feet
  • Lunchtime procedure, lasting less than one hour
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No downtime, with patients immediately able to resume their daily activities

Benefits of Facial Fillers

As we reach our 30s and beyond, there is an observable breakdown of volume beneath facial skin. Both collagen and fat tend to dissolve, creating a thin, sagging and wrinkly appearance in the face. The purpose of facial fillers is to replace this lost volume, restoring a tight and wrinkle-free texture. When used with an artistic eye and technical competence, facial fillers create subtle enhancement that is difficult to place—your friends will only know that something has improved, but won’t be able to tell quite what it is. At the office of Dr. Karamanoukian, we know facial fillers. You are assured a tasteful, conservative result only serves to enhance your natural beauty.

  • Benefits of facial fillers include:
  • Reduction or elimination of crow’s feet
  • Reduction or elimination of nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Reduction or elimination of vertical wrinkles around the mouth, also known as smoker’s lines
  • Plumper lips
  • Restoration of smooth skin throughout the face
  • No downtime following the procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Procedure lasts less than one hour

Expert, Safe Delivery of Botox & Facial Fillers

Meet Dr. Karamanoukian

For Los Angeles patients considering BOTOX or facial fillers, there are few offices more qualified than ours. Dr. Karamanoukian is double board certified, meaning he has proven talent and experience backing up each procedure he delivers. When it comes to applying cosmetic injectables, Dr. Karamanoukian can uphold every medical standard to keep you looking and feeling your very best. First and foremost, this extends to the safety aspect of your procedure. Second, it extends to the cosmetic excellence of your BOTOX or facial fillers, ensuring that your results achieve everything agreed upon. Dr. Karamanoukian wants to give you the best results possible using BOTOX and facial fillers.

Dr. Karamanoukian delivers BOTOX and facial fillers in a surgical suite that is fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This accreditation comes only with the most stringent adherence to the codes set forth by the AAAHC. By maintaining these strict standards, our office treats patients with every safety standard in the book.